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PoPoLoCrois and “Harvest Moon" 3DS crossover ⊟

Marvelous has announced a new 3DS project that brings together fantasy SRPG franchise PoPoLoCrois with the Bokujou Monogatari series (formerly known as Harvest Moon in the West, now going by Story of Seasons).

I don’t know anything about PoPoLoCrois or the manga series it’s based on, but one of these games finally released to North America and Europe on PSP back in 2006. The latest Famitsu issue says the 3DS game will feature PoPoLoCrois' command-driven battles and hero Prince Pietro, while also offering the farming and sim elements you'd expect to find in Bokujou Monogatari, according to Duckroll. Scans via Otakomu

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"Descendant of Erdrick, listen now to my words."
"It is told that in ages past Erdrick fought demons with a Ball of Light."
"Then came the Dragonlord who stole the precious globe and hid it in the darkness.”
"Now, Adam, thou must help us recover the Ball of Light and restore peace to our land.”

"The Dragonlord must be defeated."

I bought a Game Boy Colour for this, and for Dragon Warrior III. 


Meanwhile, at Dragon Con (x)


Meanwhile, at Dragon Con (x)


An Ed & Winry doodle I drew last night instead of vacuuming, shhh.


An Ed & Winry doodle I drew last night instead of vacuuming, shhh.


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Have You Seen Your Cat? flyer


Have You Seen Your Cat? flyer

FMA translation for Faith, part 2



A while ago I translated some Full Metal Alchemist sketch pages for Faith Erin Hicks (if you don’t know her, do click that link)

I just got a few volumes of the reprints for myself (1-3 and 5), so I’ll put up the sketch pages (which are on the inside covers of the volumes) here and translate them. I apologize if any of the spellings are off, I watched the anime a long time again when I was already somewhat proficient in Japanese, and read the manga exclusively in the original, so I am not used to the English spellings. 

Volume 1:


(top center) Fullmetal Alchemist

(top left) Initial Ed designs

(top right) Ed’s automail armor took more time to design than his face.

(center) Coat design ①

(mid right) Ed design ②. Too adult.

(in square frame) Ed’s back

(above cross) Flamel’s cross.

(bottom) Coat desing ② Almost there.


(top) Initial automail design. Too messy.

(bottom) Automail design ② Too simple.

Volume 2


(top left) Al design ① Already has a note saying “equivalent exchange.”

(right) equivalent exchange


(top left) Roar.

(top right) Al design ②

(Center) The all-important remote. Don’t let the bad guys have it!

(framed) Alchemist (younger brother)

(below frame) Al design ③ Getting pretty close!

Volume 5


(top left) The Elrick brothers’ mentor: This one!

(top right) dreads

(mid left) These are [designs] that I FAXed to my editor around the beginning of the run, to give him an idea of upcoming characters. [Izumi’s] visual appearance settled down really quick.

(mid right) The protagonist brothers’ mentor. Of the “to train the spirit, one must start with the body” mindset.
She is being a housewife in some place or other.

(bottom left) This is a rough from my sketchbook, from a time when I wasn’t even thinking about the series yet. I was just zoning out, doodling various female characters. Pretty sure this is the base [for this character].


Izumi’s design settled down really, really quickly. Thus, I have very few design sketches of her’s. 

But that won’t do, so here’s a few initial roughs of Cornello.

← I really like his evil face.

Awesome, thanks Phil! I love seeing this development stuff that comes with the large format FMA volumes (sadly only available in Japanese). Holy snap, look at Arakawa’s original design of Al. O_o